Varian Johnson’s Code of Conduct (Or the rules of writing The Great Greene Heist)

Back in October 2012, Deep Blue Readers dove into the 1979 Newbery Award Winning book, “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin. Learn how Raskin’s tightly-woven, fast-paced plot served as inspiration for Varian Johnson’s upcoming release, “The Great Greene Heist”…

Nerdy Book Club

jkt_9780545525527.inddThe Great Greene Heist, my first middle grade novel, is unlike anything I’ve written before. Similarly, my writing process for this novel was very different than my process for my other works. Jackson Greene, the main character, has a code of conduct he usually lives by; likewise, I had my own set of rules for writing this novel. Now that The Great Greene Heist is out, I thought it might be interesting to look back at my writing process.

1) Outline, outline, outline.Then outline again. Unlike my other novels, The Great Greene Heist is extremely plot-driven. Before I had written the first real scene, I created an outline. And then another. And then another. Once I started writing scenes and chapters, I continually revisited my outline, tweaking as necessary, and sometimes starting all over again when the outline and the chapters didn’t match. My dedication to outlining resulted…

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