Location, Parking Info for September | ‘The Mostly True Story of Jack’

Looking for Deep Blue Readers?If one of the adults in your family follows Valley Bookseller on Facebook, you may have seen their series of pictures showing the renovations in progress. Those photos make it no surprise that we’re already meeting in the new Deep Blue Readers space at The Loft courtesy of River Market Co-Op.

Remember that The Loft is actually across Main Street from River Market Co-Op, on the second story above Images of the Past and Present; entrance access is on the side of the building nearest Candyland.

As for parking, parents or other caregivers transporting kids to or from book club should park either in the lot adjacent to Valley Bookseller or in their overflow parking on the river side of the store and accompany kids across Main Street to The Loft. We are not able to use the dedicated parking for Images of the Past and Present or Candyland.

'The Witch's Boy' releases 9/16, pre-order or reserve at Valley Bookseller

Renovations inside Valley Bookseller will continue into October as the rear of the store nearest the river becomes the new home of The Daily Grind coffee shop. Watch for updates about where we will meet for our visit with Kelly Barnhill, author of both The Mostly True Story of Jack and our October selection, The Witch’s Boy.

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