Ten Middle Grade Read-Alikes for John Green Books by Angie Manfredi

Especially following the Summer 2014 film release of The Fault in Our Stars (#TFioS), many people discovered author and vlogger John Green. These newcomers, of course, arrived well after the many others who already love his collected YA novels. What is a Middle Grades lit reader to do when Green and other YA authors are just beyond your current range of titles? Here are some helpful suggestions thanks to Angie Manfredi at The Nerdy Book Club:

Nerdy Book Club

When I went to our local middle school to do class visits this May, there was one author that all the kids knew: Rick Riordan.  And, by that same token, there was one book they knew: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  One of the books I brought to booktalk was This Star Won’t Go Out by Esther Earl.  These are the diaries of the sixteen-year-old girl who inspired Green’s book.  As soon as I held it up and said her story and her name, all tween eyes locked right on me.  They wanted to hear more.  They knew this story.

This pattern continued throughout the summer when The Fault in our Stars was never on our shelves.  I noticed that, almost without fail, the two biggest audiences for this title over the course of this past summer were adults of all ages and middle school aged readers.

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