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Life’s a Breeze with Deep Blue Readers Summer Books for Stillwater Kids

Choosing the next book to read can be tough when there are so many options. Where to begin? That’s why Deep Blue Readers is sharing five ways to jump start your Summer Reading adventures through Middle Grades lit before kids meet at Valley Bookseller for Reader Choice Sunday, July 26. Finished Reader Choice and interested in reading ahead for August […]

April Dive | Dare to Enter ‘The Traitors’ Gate’ by Avi

Newbery Award winning author Avi visits Stillwater Public Library for a talk and book-signing on Tuesday, April 7 @ 6:30pm. It’s an incredible chance to meet this champion of middle grades historical fiction! In coordination with his visit, Deep Blue Readers are picking up The Traitors’ Gate (2007) by Avi for our April book selection, with book club meeting Sunday, April 26 @ 1:30pm. John thinks […]

Attn Minnesota Teachers and Librarians and Book-Wormy-Kids: The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival is coming! Are you ready?

Originally posted on Kelly Barnhill:
Dear Bookish Children of Minnesota (and their assorted Educators and Media Specialists, and Book-Purveyors), Obviously, I do not have to tell you what the Newbery Medal is – you see those stickers on books all across the land – but some of you may not have heard of the 90-second…

July Dive | Genre Exploration! What Makes a Book Science Fiction?

We’re looking forward to spending time with you and some excellent science fiction this month! As you wrap your tentacles around our July selections you should ask yourself: What makes a book science fiction? How do I know when a book fits this genre? Fantasy has enjoyed recent space on the Middle Grade shelves and at times these two genres fit […]

October Dive | The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman + Optional Challenge Dive

Morning air has a distinct chill, the leaves are turning, and divers are filling their heads with thoughts of cider, pumpkins, and preparations for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. To capture the building mood, our October Dive ventures into deeper realms and features the tale of Nobody Owens, aka Bod, protagonist of Neil Gaiman‘s […]

July Dive | Reader’s Choice: Summer Vacation, Summer Camp

Summer reading is the perfect time for Reader’s Choice, but we’re keeping divers to a theme.  For our July Dive, choose a book that fits the theme Summer Vacation, Summer Camp. Staying close to home this summer?  Let your book take you on a journey by choosing a title set in a place you would like […]